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Elbrus from the North

The route from the North is the way of the first ascent to the East top of Elbrus July 22, 1829. Till now it is a wild place, no village and habitants, no hotel and lift, a trip there is more as an expedition. By car from  the last city, Kislovodsk, you arrive to the tent Base Camp at  Hatkhansu (silver spring) Meadow 2300m. Then by foot to Uncle Nick Hut 3760m and higher the Hut a you climb along the glacier slope to the top. All the way from Kislovodsk, Elbrus is well visible permanently.

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Hatkhansu (silver spring) Base Camp.

Mt.Kazbek (5033m) ascention

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Kazbek and Maily glacer

Altay and Belukha mountain

The Altay is a large and remote mountain system situated in the southern part of Siberia where Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia meet. Altai is second to none in the beauty of its landscapes, and in diversity of its attractions. A flowery fragrance of Alpine meadows; grasses along the icy mountain streams;the famous Altai honey;the nomadic stone idols and Rerich’s trails; the settlements of the “old believers”, the Siberian shamans… The highest point of the Altay Mountains and Siberia is Mount Belukha. This very beautiful twin-peaked mountain massif (the eastern peak, 4506 m is higher than the western peak, 4400 m) is located on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan. In spite of their relatively small size, the Altay Mountains with rich Siberian forests, very clean rivers, blue lakes and exceptionally beautiful peaks are extremely rugged and picturesque. They are very interesting and attractive for mountain trips and expeditions of any kind. The classic climb route to Belukha from the North via Berel Saddle takes 12 days of moderate to strenuous trekking and climbing up to the top. The trekkers carry all their personal belongings plus 4-5 kg of communal equipment (tents, cooking pots, gas) and food for 4-5 days. We take a horses for luggage transportation.

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mt.Belukha from Akkem glacer

Kola Peninsula

The Khibiny Mountains are attractive to ski-tour lovers especially because of their variety of slopes, few fixed routes and snow conditions. The close proximity of the sea provides steady snow cover and the low-altitudes of mountains preserves the falling snow from melting under the hot sun. Owing to northern latitudes, the sun does not rise above the horizon which makes it always possible to find slopes untouched by the heat of the sun and which have well preserved powder. Hence, even when the weather is steady and clear, it is possible to combine a sun-tan in the spring equinox and skiing on virgin-lands.

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The Khibiny Mountains


During the adventure through the beautiful wild woods you will discover the wonder world of the "Thousand Lakes Country". This will allow to see Old Rus and present-day Russia, its cultural and sport life.
Lying on the North from St.Petersburg between the Gulf of Finland (Baltic sea) and Ladoga lake (the largest lake of Europe), the isthmus has formed its present shape during the Ice Age. In spite of their small elevation (200 m), the hills and moraines form a mountainous looking landscape. The anciant glaciers and their waters have given to the relief a specific kind: the smoothed boulders and rocks "Mutton front", wavy sandy plains, high sandy-stowned barriers and extended from northwest to southeast stony ridges - Selguis. The majority of lakes have the extended form of the same orientation.

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Ladoga lake



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