International Festival "Golden Peak"
The Opening ceremony of the International ART-SPORT-TOUR FILMS FESTIVAL «GOLDEN PEAK» will take place on the 1st of October 2010 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Elbrus Race, results
Red Fox Elbrus Race, one of the most popular festivals of our time is finished!

Transcaucasus Expedition is finished
Under the direction of Alexei Shoustrov was held unique expedition. The participants passed full-traverse of Caucasus on skis . Started in Makhachkala and finished in Sochi, the capital city of the future Olympic Games. Everything went according to plan. Congratulations!

Changes in the program of Elbrus Race.
Look here correct program!

News from Caucasus Expedition
News from the Trans Caucasus expedition! Inspired by beauty of mountains Alexey has pleased us with occurrence of a new route. So, this autumn it is planning to be realized. Program – climbing 2 five-thousand meters mountain of Caucasus: famous Elbrus and not so popular Kazbek. Duration-12 days.

Welcome to rock-climbing festival!!!
International rock-climbing festival! Discover new area. Welcome:)

Causasus Ski Expedition - start!
Today, at March 20 members of Great Caucasus Ski Exredition have gone to the beginning of the route. Alexey Shoustrov and Mario Casella have departed in Mahachkala, capital of Dagestan. In few days they will meet other participants. The main objective is to open Caucase, to pass a route which earlier nobody did. We wish them good luck!!!

Festival Red Fox Elbrus Race 2009 will take place on May 6-11, 2009
Red Fox company together with Russian Mountaineering Federation conduct Red Fox Elbrus Race festival on May 6-11, 2009. The competition will take place on the Elbrus peak, the highest top of the Europe and the most popular Russian mountain region.

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