Altay, climbing to Mt. Belukha, 4506m , 15 days

Price: 1465 €
Period: June-August
Activity: Climb

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dayday's programmenightmeals

Meeting in Barnaul airport at 7:00. Transfer to Tungur, 10 h, 700km. By the way stops in picturesque places for rest and lunch. Fresh villages meals for dinner (meat, potatoes, handmade cheese with perfect herbal tea ). Night at the private refuge. Distance: 10h, 700km.

Refuge D

All common and part of heavy individual equipment would be carry by horses to Ak-kem lake base camp. Trekking: the base camp Vysotnik (850 m) – village Kucherla – the Kuilyu river– camp “Meteostation” (1 600 m). Overnight stop is in the tents. Dinner is cooked on fire. Distance: 25km, 7-8h.



Trekking:  the camp “Meteostation” (1600 m) – camp "Kamennaya izba"( 2700 m). Overnight stop is in the tents. Dinner is cooked on fire. Distance: 25km, 7-8h.

Tent BLD

Trekking: the camp "Kamennaya izba" -  Kara-Turek pass (3060m) - the base camp Ak-kem (1950 m). Big 15-20 places eating tent for rest time. Dinner is cooked on stove by cook. Distance: 18km, 6-7h. 

Ak-kem BLD

From that day starting  ascension part (5-10 days).  All group members will have one tent for 2 person, food for 4-5 days, alpine equipment and a gas stove with two gas balloons and list of cooking pots for making meals by himself.

Depending at weather: a) day of rest and training of personal equipments. b) trekking: the base camp Ak-kem - "Tomskie Nochevki" camp (3000 m). Dinner is cooked on stove. Distance: 17km, 7-8h.


or tent

6 Ice training on the «Arbuz» glacier. If  the weather is favorable  manipulation of  the Delone pass (3400 m). Mountain pass Delone has 35° - 45° steep snow-ice wall with the length of 300 m (5-6 pitches). Night in the "Tomskie Nochevki" camp place. Dinner is cooked on stove. Distance: 7km, 7-8h.  Tent BLD
7 Ascent Tomskie Nochevki - the Delone pass (3400 m) - the Mensu glacier - the Berelskoye Saddle mountain pass (3520 m) - the plateau (3800 m). Descent to the Mensu glacier and further ascent of the plateau over the Berelskoye Saddle mountain pass (3520 m). Overnight stop in tents on the glacier. Dinner is cooked on a stove. Distance: 12km, 7-9h.
8 Backup day in case of bad weather. 
Tent BLD
9 Assault ascent to East (Main) Belukha (4506 m). The start is at 4 a.m. We fix 6 ropes to the TKT pass(3800) and Belukhinsky pass (4300m) from this point we may see both peaks of Mt.Belukha. After 3 hours we will be at the summit. Great view if the weather is good. The way back is the same with fixed ropes to the camp on Berelskoye Saddle. After small rest descent by same way to the Tomskie Nochevki Camp (3000m). Dinner is cooked on a stove. Distance: 20km, 10-12h. 
Tent BLD
10 Descent: Tomskie Nochevki Camp - the base camp Ak-kem(1950 m). At Ak-kem we have Russian bania (national wet sauna). Rest at the base camp. Distance: 17km, 5-6h.
Ak-kem BLD
11-12 Trekking: the base camp Ak-Kem - camp "Three birches" - the pass Kuzuyak (1340 m) - Tungur village. Descent along the Ak-kem river thru the forest with light backpack. Dinner is cooked on fire. Distance: 45km  Tent BLD
13 Arriving to the private refuge in farm place. Russian bania (national wet sauna) and losing drinks. Night at the private refuge.  Refuge BLD


 After breakfast transfer to the airport of Barnaul city. By the way visits to village Old Believers, musem. Late night (3-4 am) arriving to the airport. 
Barnaul hotel accommodation by request! Distance: 10-12h, 750km.


Quotation includes:

  • All necessary transfers required for carrying out the trip;
  • Accommodation and meals according with the program;
  • Expeditionary Maintenance: guide, cook, horseman;
  • Rental group equipment and pack horses (to carry common equipment);
  • Necessary formality (visa support, passport registration, permits).

Organizer provides (included in price):

  • Common climbing and cooking equipment – ropes, gas stoves;
  • 2- persons tents;
  • Not included in price:

  • Flight to / from Barnaul;
  • Accommodation in Barnaul hotel*** DBL rooms (by request!!!)
  • Unexpected preliminary evacuation cost;
  • Insurance;
  • Personal expenses, alcohol;
  • Visa costs.
  • Weather Conditions:

    July-August-September is a good time for the ascent. Weather is stable and sunny. Daytime temperatures on the track +20+23˚C and +13 +15˚C in the night. The temperature at the altitude of 2,000m or more is +11+18˚C, in the night may drop to zero temperature.


    The expedition will be led by experienced guides. But do not forget about individual physical shape. Help with daily bivouac works would be an asset. Food is cooked on a fire and a gas stove. Given the mountainous area, you must first consult with your doctor. Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis is obligatory. Ascension part of expedition is implicit neglect of comfort.

    Attention: For visiting of Mt.Belukha region (border zone) you will need to file a documents for permits not less than 2 months before visit.

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